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Taiwan Travel SIM 4G - 4 days - 100GB - SB20

Wed, 10 Jun 2020. Last updated Sat, 04 Jul 2020 23:25

Taiwan attracts tourists not only by its natural and romantic landscapes, but also the dynamic cities with modern shopping malls, skyscrapers and various cuisines. To fully explore and share your experiences here, do not forget to own a Taiwan Travel SIM 4G.

Reasons to buy China - Hong Kong - Macau Travel SIM 4G

- No queues to wait for purchasing a Travel SIM 4G or facing language barrier.

- Order and receive 4G Travel SIM card in Vietnam.

- Cheaper than purchasing in local countries (airports or stores).

- Support and instruct to use SIM even when you are in other countries.

- Easily set up and activate immediately.

- You are able to connect literally everywhere, easy to contact your family, friends, look for direction or search for required information. Your journey becomes much more convenient than ever and you may set yourself at ease. 

- The travel sim card enables you to browse with ease just like the locals.

- With a travel sim card, you will not have to worry about being restricted to wifi access in some areas, wasting money buying a sim at local shops or using expensive international roaming service when traveling for a short time. 

Khám phá Đài Loan cùng Sim 4G

Buy China - Hong Kong - Macau Travel SIM 4G - 5 days - 500MB/day - SB27 at AloTrip

To simplify your trip, AloTrip would like to introduce to you information about China - Hong Kong - Macau Travel SIM 4G - 5 days - 500MB/day - SB27.

Product’s Information

- Name: China - Hong Kong - Macau Travel SIM 4G - 5 days - 500MB/day - SB27.

- Capacity: 500MB/day 4G High speed.

- Validity: 5 days, expired at 23:59 (GMT+8) on the 5th day since the activation date.

- Network operator: HongKong - CMHK/ China - CMCC/ Macau - CTM.


- The SIM card is able to share hotspot, but your device must have a roaming function.

- Unable to make phone calls or messages.

- Instant use, no requires from network operator to register.

- Unable to top up credit to purchase data and extend validity.

3G/4G speed depends on local infrastructure.

Du lịch đất nước Đài Loan cùng Sim 4G

Usage Instructions

Step 1: The SIM card has a function of automatically activated. You can put the SIM card in your cell phone, turn on Cellular Data and Data Roaming modes to access the Internet. In case you cannot access the Internet, please complete Step 2 and restart your device.

Step 2:



1. Setting

2. Mobile Network

3. Access point name

4. Add + Insert:


APN: emov

Save then select to connect with ALOTRIP 

1. Setting

2. Cellular

3. Cellular Data Options

4. Cellular Data Network

5. Insert emov into APN of Cellular Data and Personal Hotspot

APN: emov

Why should buy China Travel SIM 4G - 5 days - 100GB - SB28 at AloTrip

-  Fast delivery across the country.

-  At least 30% cheaper than in local countries (at the airports and convenience stores).

- Responsive customer support.

- Support and accompany with you along your trip.

-  Detailed usage instructions.

- Technical support anytime and anywhere.

Let’s contact AloTrip hotline +84-243-8688800 or send a request email to [email protected] to get supported.

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