I.Scope of Application

Terms & Conditions of APP ALOTRIP (AA) Membership Card Program are applied for all Customers and Business Partners using AA.

By joining the program, Customers confirm that they have read, understood and agreed with all terms & conditions and policies of the program published on the website and AA, and will be updated from time to time.

II. Rights and Responsibilities of Customers, AloTrip, and Business Partners

Customers will enjoy basic benefits of AA membership card and special offers depending on active AA points. The program is published on the website/application, included but unlimited following benefits:

Earning points to membership account by rate and conditions;

Using points earned in membership account;

Joining promotions/special offers operated by AloTrip for cardholders and/or business partners

Customers have rights of accessing, searching their personal information (including: editing and updating), and earning points by different channels.

Customers are responsible for any and all expenses, taxes, fees, claims or liabilities (if any) incurred when Customers gains benefits from the program.

Each customer understands, commits and warrants to be the only user of AA Membership Card, responsible for self protecting card and securing account information. Customer is not allowed to provide any third party unsuitable for the program with his/her membership card/account information, and takes all responsibilities if unfollows the regulations.

Customers agree with the initialization, storage, maintenance, and updation of personal information data provided and updated by customers and information generated from updation, and agree with AloTrip to use these information for purposes, included but unlimited: serving customers to conduct transactions and use points according to the program’s regulations, introducing new products, services of AloTrip/Business Partners. All information is protected and used according to the regulation of privacy and information sharing policy published on website and updated from time to time.

When changing contact information (phone numbers/emails/addresses,...), Customers are responsible for updating timely on AA, AloTrip call center, AloTrip office, or other channels of the program to avoid using points wrongly. AloTrip is not responsible for mistakes/errors, losses and damages occurred by/related to Customers due to not providing/updating information on time as mentioned on the Terms & Conditions.

All announcements/complaints of Customers to AloTrip must be done via AloTrip call center, email, or at AloTrip office.

AA Membership Card is an intermediary tool operated by AloTrip to record and manage incentives that Customers earn from the program. All special offers and benefits of Customers will be provided by AloTrip directly or AloTrip’s Business Partners indirectly.

AloTrip has a right to ask Customers for providing information and/or presenting AA membership card’s information before using points and/or receiving incentives in somes cases.

AloTrip is exempted from liability of following cases:

Systems of data processing, software, signaling get troubles, errors, attached or caused by any other objective reasons beyond the control of AloTrip.

Membership card is abused in case of being stolen/lost/account’s information leaked when the cardholder does not inform AloTrip on time.

AloTrip has a right to refuse providing, cancelling, re-coursing or evicting incentives, points in account earned or to be received according to programs of incentives, promotions without notifying Customers in advance in following cases:

AloTrip can not transfer points/incentives for Customers due to objective reasons beyond AloTrip’s control.

Earned points are added incorrectly, illegally to membership account according to the program’s regulations.

Customer violates incentive regulations/policies of the program informed by AloTrip from time to time.

In cases of force majeure under the provisions of law.

AloTrip has rights to indorse, transfer to any third party by any methods entirely or partially rights and obligations occurred from the program according to AloTrip’s options by notifying Customers.

Except for commitments to ensure Customer’s benefits relating to earned points legally from programs in membership account, AloTrip is not responsible for any loss or damage both directly and indirectly of Customer relating to other promotions, included but unlimited to partners’ pausing of promotions, or evicting/restricting any services, rights or incentives; or any cases of force majeure under the provisions of law.

III. Points, earn and use Points

Points in Customer’s Account (A Point) are used as a discounted amount in total value of good, service consumed in program, but the points are not converted into cash, presented, given, inherited, and transferred by all means.

All A Points that are being claimed, disputed will not be used during the settlement of claims, disputes.

IV. Terminate Customer’s Right

Customer’s Right of program has an indefinite value until it is terminated in following cases:

Customer sends request to AloTrip via official address/email of program published on website

Customer intentionally uses membership card/account illegally according to program’s regulations and violates the Terms & Conditions.

AloTrip reserves the right to terminate program by announcing all Customers 30 days in advance through website and/or another suitable method. Solutions of Customer’s Right of program will be published along with the announcement of terminating program.

General Terms

Depending on actual conditions, Terms & Conditions of program and other policies published on the website might be modified/ adjusted/ terminated according to AloTrip’s own decision or partners’ request and will be announced on the website.

Dispute resolution: Terms & Conditions are adjusted by the Law of Vietnam. All disputes occurred from or relating to Terms & Conditions will be solved by negotiations between parties. In case of unsuccessful negotiations within 30 (thirty) days, the parties will have the right to take the dispute to Vietnam competent court according to the regulations of Law.

The Terms & Conditions is written in both Vietnamese and English; in case of contradiction about content of both versions, the Vietnamese version will be given priority.

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