Thank you for all your faithful comments to AloTrip. We will do our best to serve you better.

I do appreciate to all my services,they are kindly and have lots of passion,also they will reply as soon as possible, it’s a great experience!

Huang wen chi

Good and kind service, very helpful staff ready to support you


I was refused by other sites before no seats available, but AloTrip is very considerable, they keep searching and finally found the flight i need. Thanks AloTrip

Linh Diep

AloTrip supports quickly and considerably. I am really satisfied. Thank you AloTrip team


Supporting agent is really helpful and i am extremely satisfied. Thank you AloTrip

Hà diễm tuyền


Liu chenhsin

Good service !!


Thank you alotrip for prompt support.


Fast, helpful, very good, very satisfied

Nguyễn thế tường

I needed a flight from Saigon to Dalat (VN) and consult internet. I don't know why but I got on your site, Alo Trip.
I tryed and,surprisingly, everything went fast and got a flight with credit card payment, very fast. Got my confirmation by email and, it said somewhere that I had to confirm this booking withing 24 hours of traveling. I dialed the nomber and Alo Trip agent answered right away. In my head I said...'' WOW ''
My trip went very well all the way to my destination.
I will not hesitate one bit to use Alo Trip again in the future or recommand!
Rèal Dodge, Québec Canada.

Réal Dodge

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