Thank you for all your faithful comments to AloTrip. We will do our best to serve you better.

Thank you AloTrip team. This is my first time booking flight to Europe and i am very worried. You consult me considerably. After i transfer the money i got eticket promptly.

Lê Thảo

I just book my flight after reading positive consumers feedback. Unfortunately I book my flight 3x by mistake with different departure time. When I sent msg I get respond within 2 min. I appreciate very much quick respond. I did not flight yet however I like very much that contact is very easy and professional. I pay by Pay Pal . I am happy so far.


I admit that I was concerned using Alo Trip since I did not recognise them. The pricing of flights on offer was attractive. During the purchase of my flights from BKK to KTM rtn, I dealt with several members of staff and I found them all to be very helpful and polite. The level of English was also very good. My flights are not until September and I hope that all will be well.


Thank you for your help. All your services were prompt, immediate and perfect.
You are a team of high class and high professionalism,
I wish you much success in your future work.
grigore dunitru

grigore dumitru

Fast & enthusisatic


Pleasantly surprised to received their message for the flight delay, not all ticketing agent does this extra care.

Thank you Alo!

maureen chu

Thank you !!!

Lin Yi-Jui

Very good service even I was worried at first, but talking to the operator I reassured and understood the usefulness of this service. I would like to thank you for the offered support and wish you a good evening


Initially i was abit angry because i book and can not transfer the money at the weekend. After the instruction and support from AloTrip i can book for my parents. Thanks AloTrip and supporting team as well.

nguyen phu hung

I appreciate your service very much. I just have one remark. On your startpage you are using a funny and confusion Dutch translation for roundtrip, (rondvaart) and one way (een manier). I think you better use "retour" (roundtrip) and "enkele reis" for (one way). And a better translation for (testimonials) is "beoordelingen" instead (getuigenissen). I hope this was useful for you.
Sinserely yours.

Herman van Rossum

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