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Very good

Quang Thanh

Tuyệt vời


great service!


I appreciated Alotrip feedback and solved the issue for customer is very fast and professional . Specially they reminded the flight time for customer. Good service. I recommend this service to you.

Felix Nguyen

I have booked many tickets through AloTrip, good service, there is no problem happened.

Trần Ngọc Anh

I have booked many times with AloTrip. I am really satisfied with AloTrip and their customers service. Thank you 😘

Trần Thanh

Lần đầu đặt vé bên Alotrip mình cũng có 1 chút e ngại nhưng sau đó mình rất hài lòng với đội ngũ CSKH của Alotrip . Chắc chắn sau này mình sẽ là KH lâu dài .

Quỳnh Như

Отличный сервис. Помощи и поддержка очень быстрые. Рекомендую. Будем пользоваться снова Спасибо.


Fantastic Service!!! Thank you😊

Fathima Rahman

Needed to change a flight. Very prompt response with a choice of options from customer service.
Transaction made very easy for us.
Great service.
Many Thanks !!

Janelle Blyth

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