Thank you for all your faithful comments to AloTrip. We will do our best to serve you better.

Re: 7382410148110-7382410148111

Dear Ms Thuy
Signed Copy of refund details confirmation. Pls provide copy of Visa refund slip. Thank you for your professional courtesy.

Matthew M Michalski

This is the tenth time i have booked from you. Your service is really OK. I always need invoice for my company. Your staff solved it quickly. Wish you success!

Phan Thanh Hưng

After booking, i havenot decided to pay. However, alotrip still informed me that my reservation can be kept in 24 hours. The next day, i called to office and just give my credit card information to make the payment. Super convenient!

Lê Thị Yến

The first time when i chat with alotrip, the consultant is very useful to clear my question. She also called me to explain. Thank you.

Nguyễn Hoài Thương

RE: Cancellation Reservation No. EDXJSS

Hi Mr. Nguyen. It was very very Nice talking to you on the phone just now. As I mentioned to you on the phone just now, I deeply appreciate you can help me on waive the cancellation charge of: 15 USD/ 1 Ticket by you 10 USD / 1 Canceled transaction by click and buy I fully understand the 4 % credit card cancellation fee which the bank collected from you, so I’ll pay for this. Thank you so much, and I am amazed by your quick response and prompt action on my request. Siew Wei

Leong Siew Wei

RE: new changed Ticket number 7382436885474 - 7382436885476.pdf

Thank you very much for all of your efforts to make our trip a perfect vacation. You have been very helpful to work with and I am sure it is very difficult when you are dealing with people from the USA. We already have told family to contact your airlines for their flight as they are meeting us in Nah Trang and Ho chi minh City as well as Cambodia. We did this on our own without any help and are very pleased on how we have been treated. AGAIN MANY THANKS FROM THE ISLAND OF MAUI IN HAWAII WARMEST ALOHA HEATHER BRANCH



Dear Mr Pham Cong Thien – thank you for this correction to my payment. Payment has been made with Pay Pal. We are very happy with the flights you have booked and look forward to receiving tickets and confirmation of flights. Thank you again Regards Christine

Christine Rodham

RE: Help Required (Refund ticket)

Hi Vietnam airlines Tickets Agents; I want confirm you that refund was executed to my bank account successfully; in the same page I want recognize your excellent customer service; I am very happy with your support and I make sure that in the future will use your company to buy tickets or others. Have a good day.

Jose Flores

Your Booking AHJNNV

Dear vietnamairlinetickets team. i am so impress with your service, your guy done excellent job in short time. i will consider your service for next time and also recommend to my friend. one again , thanks for your service. kind regard


RE: new changed Ticket number 7382433756422 -7382433756423

To: The Manager Online Ticketing Vietnam airlines Tickets Dear Sir / Madam We wish to express our very grateful thanks for the wonderful service that we have just received from one of your front line staff - Mr. Pham Cong Thien We are a senior couple from New Zealand and we made an error with our on-line booking of air flights within Vietnam. We realized our error and communicated with your on-line ticketing section. With the help of Mr. Pham Cong Thien we have been able to achieve a “fix-up” that has not cost us any additional expense. We are not wealthy people and we are hugely in debt to your staff member. We hope that by drawing your attention to the first class service that he has afforded us that he will be given suitable internal acknowledgement within your company. He has represented Vietnam Airlines in an exemplary manner and he is deserving of the highest compliment for the way he does his job. In our humble opinion you are fortunate to have staff of such a high caliber. You might say that he has just done his job – we just happen to believe that he has done it extremely well. For many years in New Zealand a very prominent business man from Wellington featured in the TV advertising for his company with the slogan “ If you have a problem ask for me and I will put it right, It is the putting it right that counts”From a customers point of view such an approach is worthy of high accolade. In our eyes your Mr. Pham Cong Thien has “put it right” and in so doing he has left these two customers greatly satisfied with the service from Vietnam Airlines. We now hold your company in the highest esteem and we will tell others that we experienced the very best of service from you. We are looking forward to the three flights that we will be taking with you next month. (Hanoi to Da nang on 13th Nov. - Hue to Ho chi minh City on 18th Nov. - Ho Chi Minh City to Siem reap on 24th Nov. ) With our very best wishes,

Merrylyn & Ian Graney

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