Thank you for all your faithful comments to AloTrip. We will do our best to serve you better.

Many airliners can take an example in view of service offered by your ticket online desk. EXCELLENT!!!!!


Herman van den Berg

Many airliners can take an example in view of service offered by your ticket online desk. EXCELLENT!!!!!

Herman van den Berg

Tôi đã sử dụng dịch vụ của Alo trip hai lần, các bạn phục vụ nhanh gọn và chu đáo. Tuy nhiên liên lạc điện thoại di động hơi khó khăn, cần khắc phục vì di động là để phục vụ 24/24 mà. Xin cám ơn


Thank you AloTrip!
I will recommend you to my colleague and my family to use your service. Wish you "on the move"

Nguyễn Văn Tiếu


Nguyễn Văn Tiếu

Dear Dung:

Thank you very much for your early answer. I am impressed with your effort to ease my doubt. Doubtful because of so many booking websites for VN airline tickets and no one with trusted names as Orbitz, Expedia...
Bar code usually printed on boarding pass to scan before entering airplane and printed probably on tickets issued by airlines not by booking, travel agencies. Therefore it was normal that no barcode on my ticket issued by

Now I think my ticket mostly (not 100%) real after you showed the information from Vietnam Airline. I thought this would be the maximum you could do for me.

The reason for not satisfying 100% is not from your agency but from the Viet Nam airline official website.

I can verify myself on line (not by you, booking agency) for the confirmation of flights (name, flight number, route, date.) with the airlines official websites. By requesting seat number, special assistance, check in ... all on line long before departure, I indirectly verify my flight.

I hope Viet Nam airline would provide that service in the near future. taking care of customers 's concern would be admired. By that way you build the trust for

Hung Pham, Florida, USA

Hung Pham

Vietnam Airlines 7382413237819 - 7382413237827

Thank you very much for having the name corrected so quickly. I really do appreciate that very much, as I've been worrying sick that it would take a lot of trouble to get it corrected. You are a very efficient company. I'll be sure to introduce your company to my friends and family as many of them are planning their trips to Viet Nam in a very near future. I've already got the Viet Nam Visa approved letter from another company, otherwise I would have use yours for that service. I'm still in a planning stage for different tours in Viet Nam, and I'll keep your company in mind.
Thank you very much

Suong Thu Moore

Dear Mr.Thien
thanks for the quick response you handle my reservation and the ticketing ,it was so easy to get it done I appreciate the good work done ,have a nice day ,Regards
Yinka Agoro


Ticket number 7382412314779

Dear Sir
I thank you for your quick response to our request and questions. It was a great relief as everything turns out right. I appreciate your help very much.

Mrs Clarita Chua

Reservation code: NLSQSJ

Dear Mr. Dung
Thank you for the efficient manner in which you helped us with our request.
This is our third visit to Vietnam and during every visit we have had the opportunity of using the services of Vietnam Airlines. We have found the people at Vietnam Airlines , very friendly and helpful to deal with. As we will continue to be in Vietnam for some time yet, we will continue to need the services of Vietnam Air. We look forward to flying with you.
Thank you again for all your help

Lawrence Swern

RE: Reservation HWQZJV

Dear Sir/Madam,
Many thanks for informing me of the double payment for flights. Pleased find attached the signed Refund Conformation form sent to me on 31st July.
When paying with credit card it seemed the payment do not go through which is why I then paid again by Paypal.
I am assuming I will receive the refund to my Paypal account? Please can you let me know when this has been priocessed
Thank you again for letting me know so promptly, and I look forward to flying with Vietnam Airlines.
Kind regards

Susan Frances Thrower

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