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Mình rất hài lòng về dịch vụ của alotrip. Chỉ mỗi cái khi đặt vé có phần ngày tháng năm sinh hơi phức tạp một tý nếu cải tiến đơn giản hơn thì khi thao tác đặt vé sẽ nhanh hơn trân trọng


First Time Using, Feeling Good 😊 With Clear Instructions Given ..... Will Intro This To My Fellow Travellers & Looking Forward To The Next Booking Experience With The Team - Keep Up The Good Job 👏🏻

Charlston Tong

I would like to say thank AloTripso so much because AloTrip's staff was helpful. They helped me to input the right the time as I chose wrong time when I booked tickets on Skyscanner. One again, Thank you guys!

Kim Manh

Everything was fine. Just a little wondered why when I'm buying a tickets for international trip the service don't ask me about a travel document.


I had a flight from Hanoi to Quang Binh VN8591 today, it was rescheduled from 14h40 to 16h05 on 12 July but I had not never received any notification. When I came to Vietnam Airline's check in counter, I was informed about the scheduled and the staff said that the information was sent to AloTrip already. However, I had not received from AloTrip, that made my plans changed. I suggest AloTrip has to send all changing information to passengers or you can show passegers 's number phone then Airline can send directly to us.

Đỗ Quang Hưng

Lịch sự, thân thiện, nhanh, gọn . Rất tốt đấy nhưng chưa biết máy bay thế nào

Nguyễn Thị Thái

I have used AloTrip service for the first time and I am very comfortable, its service is very good. Hope that AloTrip can promote well.

Đặng văn Đạt

please have a drop down tab where you can enter flight reference to confirm flight details thanks

les fountain

Everythingh got fine when I booked a flight. Only payment section went not so good. First I dont get throw my payment and then I got some link which I used for payment. In the end of payment procession I got info that my payment process is not security and its open. Now I`m worried is everything allright even I got my eTickets for flight.
Aloatrip Service was very quickly and friendy thank youy for that.

Tuula Parviainen

The staff ( her nam is Thuong ) is Very kindness and helpfull. Thanks a lot to her and

Sy tuan Nguyen

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