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Phuc vu Tan tinh va Chu dao

Yen Nguyen

Phuc vu Tan tinh va Chu dao

Yen Nguyen

At the first time I was worried. But it such a relief when they reply my email quickly. But, it would be better if you send the e-ticket at least 2 hours after we do our payment. Thank you, great prices !!!


Cao Xuân An

I am the first time use your company service. I feel your service efficiency and make me more confidence.

kong suet yi

alo trip phục vụ tận tình nhanh và dễ hiểu😍😍😍😍😍

nguyen thi le thuy

It works perfectly. It is the first time I book on this website, and I am satisfied with Alo Trip service. Therefore, I will recommend my friends to book the flight on your website. I hope , that the team always keep this good customer service in the future.

Hanh Ngo

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Lê Nguyễn Minh Thư

Thank you for your help rescheduling our rescheduled flights to better benefit our needs. I'm very happy with the service you provided.


Dear Alo Trip It is my first time to use your service and made me impress.But I would like you to improve your application because it is too hard and takes too long to select my birthdate .One more thing that is the code you have given me is 6 numbers.But Lao Airline has only 5 numbers. Thank you. Douangta


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