+ How many pieces of hand baggage am I allowed for an international flight?

Hand baggage

Depend on policy, itinerary and rules of class, each airline has its own rules about the number pcs of hand baggage. For example, each passenger on economy class can bring 01pc of hand baggage of 7kg; and 2 pcs are applied for business class. Additionally, each passenger can bring one small bag/ a laptop along with carry on baggage.
+ Where to put Sunscreen Spary in Aerosol Can 175grams ( ~175ml)?

Special baggage

As international policy, all liquid ( include Sunscreen Spary) >=100 ml must be packed in check - baggage. And it must be packed very carefully to avoid breaking. Airlines will not have responsible for these cases.
+ How to ask for refund of cancelled flights by Vietjet Air?


With cancelled flights by Vietjet Air, passengers need to contact to agent issuing ticket or call directly to Airline for support. Number is: 19001886
+ Can I take a ladies handbag as well as 7kg hand luggage?

Special orders

Yes, you definitely can do that
+ Alcohol-based hand sanitizes

Hand baggage

1. International flight: Each passenger can bring 1 litter and 100ml.

2. Domestic flight: Passenger can not bring over 0,5kg or 0,5 litter each container and total is not exceeded 2kg or 2 litters.
+ Can i bring squirrel onto flight?

Special baggage

You can but you have to apply license and certificate from authority.
+ Can you check-in if my ID shows only month and year of birth?

Check In

You can and pls bring birth certificate along with your ID card to check-in.
+ Can i use invalid ID card to fly?

Check In

No, pls do new ID or get certification from local police.
+ Would like to change the dates of my flight ticket



Due to COVID-19 situation in Vietnam, would like to change the dates of my flight ticket booked through Alotrip.

Thank you.

Yes, you can
+ Due to Covid outbreak in Da Nang area (it was recommended not to travel to Da Nang), I had to cancel my vacation in the area. I booked tickets, I would like to rebook my tickets for October. Is it possible?


Yes, you can change.

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