+ Can I carry perfume in checked luggage?

Checked baggage

The TSA doesn't restrict liquid container sizes for checked baggage, so even a full-size perfume bottle can be packed there.

The threat of your perfume leaking or spilling during the trip is a more pressing concern than the size of the bottle. Bags get jostled during the screening process, especially checked bags. Double-bag the perfume bottle or vial to contain any spillage, or skip the liquid perfume altogether and travel with a solid perfume stick instead. If you do opt to pack a large bottle of perfume in your checked bags, it's a good idea to wrap the bottle in bubble wrap to cushion the glass as the bag is tossed around.
+ Vietnam Airlines allows pasengers to have 20kg checked baggage, right?

Checked baggage

For the tickets issued before 1/8/2019, passengers as adults and children (from 2 to 11 years old) have 20kg checked baggage.
For the tickets issued since 1/8/2019. passengers as adults and children (from 2 to 11 years old) have only 01 package not exceed 23kg.

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+ I have booked a flight ticket to Thailand at AloTrip, but I have not seen where to buy checked baggage in the website. Can you please advise?

Checked baggage

Hi Customer,

At the moment, the international airlines have not allowed flight ticket agencies in Vietnam to sell checked baggage to passengers. Hence, you should please buy the checked baggage directly in the airlines' website or at the airport.

Thank you very much!
+ I fly from Hanoi to San Francisco USA via Tokyo airport in Japan, my checked baggage is transferred directly or must be checked in?

Checked baggage

Dear Customer,

For flights from Vietnam to the US, transit at a stop and operated by the same airline, the luggage will be transferred directly.

In case of transit at two or more stops, the luggage must be checked out and checked in again at the first point of entry into the US.

Each airline has different policies about the carriage of checked baggage, please contact the ticketing agent or airline directly for more details.

Thank you!
+ How to register Royal Orchid Plus membership card?


About registering Royal Orchid Plus membership card of Thai Airways, you should please follow the instruction in the airlines' website:, or call directly to the hotline of the airline for the best support.
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+ What is charge for bringing snowboard on flight from Hanoi to Tokyo?

Excess baggage

The excess baggage fee may be applied for snowboard on flight fro Hanoi to Tokyo. The fee is defined differently by airline. The airline may refuse to check in if it is over sized. Please kindly contact the airline to get informed about the procedure.

+ Can I carry my bicycles with me from Ho Chi Minh to Phuket ?

Excess baggage

Each airline has its own rules for bicycle transportation. For foldable bikes, you can put in your checked baggage provided it does not exceed the standard weight and dimensions. For non-folding bikes, the carrier will transport as bulky luggage.

You need to contact the airline for the most specific and accurate advice.
+ How can I manage my booking on Singapore Airlines?


To check reservations on the Singapore Airlines website, you need a valid booking code or ticket number issued by the airline or agency. After that, please visit the link and enter the information and follow the instructions to check the ticket status.
+ How much litres of liquor can I carry on the Aeroflot flight from Dresden to New Delhi?

Special baggage

Each airline has different rules about carrying liquor in hand luggage. For Aeroflot flights, alcohol is not allowed in the cabin baggage when carried through the security door. Liquor are only allowed to be purchased at airport duty-free shops, up to 1 liter, each bottle must not exceed 100ml. For more information, please refer: Thank you
+ Can I make payment for additional baggage for my Vietjet Air flight?

Checked baggage

Yes. You can buy extra baggage in advance with total weight no more than 40kg. For example, if you already had 15kg, you can add from 5kg to 25kg. You should contact agency to get supported or manage booking online. If you bought ticket at AloTrip, please send your request to or call our hotline +84 2438688800.

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