+ What are required documents by Bamboo Airways for passengers as pregnant women?


Bamboo Airways accepts to transport pregnant women under 32 weeks. For under 28 week pregnancy period, passenger needs prepare: one foetus examination book, ultrasound examination result noted age week of foetus; sign a "Waiver of Responsibility" form at the airport. For pregnancy period between 28 and 32 weeks, passenger needs prepare: one foetus examination book, Medical Clearance (within 07 days before departure date of a flight sector noted pregnant status as regular passenger, age week of foetus; and sign a "Waiver of Responsibility" form at the airport.
+ Does Bamboo Airways transport disable passengers?


Yes. Bamboo Airways agrees to transport disable passengers (blind/deaf) if they can travel alone or travel with another passenger more than 18 years old. Please noted, the airline will refuse to transport disable passenger who travels with an infant.
+ Can I bring sport equipments on flights of Bamboo Airways?

Special baggage

Yes. Bamboo Airways will transport sport equipments as special baggage. The sport equipment must not exceed the weights and dimensions allowance.
+ What regulations of Bamboo Airways when transporting golf equipment?

Special baggage

01 golf kit includes a golf bag with total weight not exceeding 20 kg. In the bag, there should be maximum 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls, 01 golf shoes, a T for golf tee.
+ Can I buy seat for my musical instrument on Bamboo Airways?

Special baggage

Yes. Musical instrument, or vases, sculptures, musical instruments, fragile or valuable goods are seat-occupied baggage. The baggage must be less than 75 kg per seat in weight and 40 cm x 50 cm x 160 cm per seat in dimension, adjoining passengers. The service needs pre-booking at least 48 hours before flight date and to present 40 minutes at boarding gate before departure time.
+ How to register Bamboo Club Membership?


Customer can access the official site ( to register for Bamboo Club membership. There are four kinds of card: Emerald, Gold, Diamond, and First. Bamboo Airways brings outstanding priviledges on all flights of Bamboo Airways, and FLC countrywide.
+ What documents can I replace my passport to travel on Bamboo Airways if I lost my passport?

Check In

Normally, foreigners travelling with Bamboo Airways must use passport. In case, they lose their passport. They need to prepare a diplomatic note from the diplomatic mission or consulate of the host country bearing the nationality or official letter of the foreign affairs or police office of the locality where the loss of personal identity and Passport with portrait pictures and stamp is required. Diplomatic note is valid within 30 days since the date of confirmation.
+ Can my child travel with me if he has no passport on Bamboo Airways flights?

Check In

No. Foreigners traveling within Vietnam or from/to Vietnam must use passports or diplomatic note from diplomatic mission or consulate in case passport loss.
+ How long can I receive the e-ticket after payment?


Hi Customer,

After payment, you can send us your bank receipt (if have) via email: with your booking number, so that AloTrip can issue the ticket for you. You will receive the e-ticket within 24 hours via email.

Thank you!

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