+ What are the additional prepaid baggage of Bamboo Airways that I can add on?

Checked baggage

Each passenger can buy or upgrade the weight of checked baggage with one of below options: 5 kg; 10 kg; 15 kg; 20 kg; 25 kg; 30 kg; 35 kg; 40 kg. The service of add-on baggage must be done before departure date or at least 3 hours prior to the departure time. It will be more expensive if buying at the airport.
+ How much does it cost to purchase baggage for Bamboo Airways flights at the airport?

Excess baggage

For Bamboo Plus and Bamboo Business ticket classes: Checked baggage fee at the airport is charged according to the unit price of 40,000 VND / kg (excluding VAT). For Bamboo Eco ticket class: If the passenger does not have checked baggage, the baggage fee will be calculated as follows: ≤ 20 kg: 20 kg package fee = 300,000 VND / 20 kg (excluding VAT); > 20 kg: Charge for the package of 20 kg + fee of extra weight according to the price per kg. If the passenger has already bought the checked baggage, when arriving at the airport, the checked baggage will be calculated according to the unit price of 40,000 VND / kg (excluding VAT).
+ Can I bring a baby bassinet into Bamboo Airways cabin?

Special baggage

Yes. Baby bassinet is considered one of special types of luggage. This item can be placed in the luggage compartment above the seat or under the seat. If it is not possible to place items at these points, the fee will be charged equal to one extra seat as occupying seats on the passenger cabin.
+ How to find my lost baggage on Bamboo Airways plane?

Mishandled baggage

In case, the passenger's baggage is damaged or lost, please contact the hotline ground service center immediately: 1900 1166 for direct support.
+ Can I bring fresh food/goods on Bamboo Airways flight?

Special baggage

Yes. However, Bamboo Airways only transport as checked baggage. The airline restricts the transportation of fragile items and perishable goods and valuables in checked baggage. The airline will not assume any responsibility for the loss and damage associated with leaving valuables in checked baggage.
+ Does Bamboo Airways allow infant less than 01 week old on board?


No. Bamboo Airways only accept to carry infant aging more than 14 days old.
+ How much kilogram for checked baggage of economy class of Qatar Airways flying from Hochiminh City to Berlin?

Checked baggage

Hi Customers,

For economy class of Qatar Airways, each passenger can bring one piece of checked baggage with maximum 30kg.

Thank you!
+ Are children under 12 years old allowed to travel alone on Bamboo Airways flights?


Yes. Bamboo Airways accepts transporting passengers as children traveling alone. In addition, the airline also provides accompanying flight attendant service. This service requires at least 3 days in advance of the domestic departure date and at least 5 days for the international stage. Children traveling alone need picking up at the airports of departure and destination.
+ What documents should I prepare for my child to travel alone on Bamboo Air flights?


After the registration on Bamboo Airways flights for children traveling alone, and flight attendant service, parents/ guardians need to prepare identification documents with correct information when registering for services at Bamboo Airways ticket offices or agents. Parents or guardians present documents and papers of children before flight. Please take your child to the airport at least 2 hours before departure time. The person taking the child to the airport must complete all pre-flight procedures for the child and should only leave the airport when the plane takes off.
+ Can 29-week pregnant women travel on Bamboo Airways flight?


Yes. Bamboo Airways accepts to transport pregnant women under 32 weeks. From more than 32 weeks, within 7 days before/after giving birth, the airline rejects to transport.

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