+ I Just want to confirm if I can book return infant ticket however at the time of return she would be 2 years old.


In this case, you should divide your booking into 2 times. For the depature flight, you can book the infant ticket. For the return flight, because the passenger is already 2 years old. you should buy the children ticket.
+ Can I pay a ticket online by Visa Debit Card?


I am going to book a ticket online by using my Visa Card. Can I pay the ticket by Visa Debit Card?

I've looked at the question "How can I pay for". It only accepts payment with credit card (Visa Card or Master Card) through Paypal gate.

I would appreciate a prompt reply,


Hi Thanaporn,

For sure, you can pay by Visa Debit Card for AloTrip to buy the ticket. Please dont worry, when you choose Visa/ Credit Card, you will be transfered to Paypal gate. Then you just need to insert your card information and process the payment as normal, no need to register with Paypal.

+ When I pay for the eTicket with my Visa Credit card, I use the name "YEH PO FENG" (same on the credit card) . But my corect name in the passport is"YEH, PU-FANG". Will it be problem when I take Vietnam AIirlines?


Hi Customer,

We should only care about the name in your e-ticket, which should match exactly with the name in your passport. For Vietnam Airlines, passenger can not change or edit the name in the e-ticket. Therefore, please check again your e-ticket and contact the ticket agent or the airline that you bought ticket with to have further support.
+ Service for children to fly alone

Special orders

My son is 15 years old now. I intend to let him fly alone from Hochiminh City to Tulsa, the USA. This is the first time he flies and his English is not good enough to communicate. So whether American Airlines has the service to take care people who fly alone until he meets the relatives at Tulsa airport? If yes, how much is the service? (The service should take place since the time my son takes off in Vietnam, transfer and immigrate in the US, until he meets the relatives at Tulsa airport).


Hi Customer,

Certainly, American Airlines offers the service for caring children who fly alone. The children will be taken to the airplane and looked after by the flight attendants during the flight, and brought to the pickers at the destination airport. The total fee for this service is USD150 (including tax) in each route.
15-year-old passengers don't need to use this service, but AA still offers it if required. To register the service, you should contact directly with the airline or the airline office in Vietnam for more support.
+ Can I bring coffee in the hand luggage?

Hand baggage

According to the airline's policy, the passenger can bring clothes, personal belongings and some food (without smelling) in the hand luggage. Hence, you can bring some coffee in the hand luggage. However, if the coffee amount exceeds 7kg allowed for hand luggage, you should put it in the checked baggage.
+ How can I check in online with Air Macau?

Web check in

At present, Air Macau does not allow passengers to do check-in online with flight depature from Vietnam. Therefore, your should please check in at the airport.
+ Checked baggage allowance of Qatar Airways?

Checked baggage

I am student and I will fly from Vietnam to Australia, transit in Singapore. For the first route, I fly with Vietnam Airlines from Vietnam to Singapore with 40kg checked baggage allowance. However, from Singapore to Australia, I fly with Qatar Airways and just allow to carry 30kg checked baggage. Hence, do I need to pay if I carry 40kg baggage?

According to Qatar Airways' policy, the checked baggage allowance for free is just 30kg. If your baggage is over 30kg, you should pay for the excess luggage at the airport.
+ I will take a flight from Singapore to Vietnam at 13:30. Can I check in at the airport at 8 or 9 a.m?

Check In

Hi Customer,

Normally, the airline opens the check in counter around 3 - 4 hours prior the depature time. However, at the time you come to the airport, if the check in counter has opened, you can do check-in and enter the depature lounge.
+ I have allowed 45kg for the checked baggage. Can I divide my baggage into 3 packages with total amount of 45kg?

Checked baggage

Normally, passengers can divide their checked baggage into 2 - 3 packages up to each ticket condition. Therefore, you should provide your ticket information in detail for the ticket agent or the airline for more support.
+ Can I know the conditions to have Skyteam membership card of Aeroflot, so that I can take benefits of some airport services such as departure lounge, check-in, etc?


To have more detail consultancy for making Skyteam membership card of Aeroflot, you should contact directly with the airline via their website, fanpage or call center.

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