White Thai ethnic wedding 3598 views

White Thai ethnic wedding

Like other ethnic groups, white Thai ethnic wedding in Moc Chau is one of the important events in the life of everyone. Along with the development of the society, their traditional wedding rituals have many changes but still keep the traditional beauty.

Unique Khmer pentatonic scale 3714 views

Unique Khmer pentatonic scale

The imprint of the traditional Khmer ethnic culture is very special, in which the Khmer pentatonic scale is always the symbol of the vibrant cultural space, the soul in the cultural life of Khmer people in the South.

Khen sound of H’Mong people 3811 views

Khen sound of H’Mong people

The khen is played in most of the activities of the H’Mong people. Khen sound of H’Mong people is a unique feature in this mountainous area, leaving unforgettable impressions on visitors once setting foot here.

Beautiful Quan Ho melodies in Northern Cau River 3688 views

Beautiful Quan Ho melodies in Northern Cau River

Kinh Bac is an ancient land with many fine customs such as twinning among “quan ho” villages. The area has many genres of folk singing, in which “quan ho” is one of the most special genres.

Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam 3541 views

Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam

When Fall comes and the weather gradually changes, this echoes everywhere from urban to rural areas. People in different places have their own ways to celebrate mid-autumn festival but wherever it is, it is a special occasion for children.

Sacred gong of Muong land in Hanoi 3415 views

Sacred gong of Muong land in Hanoi

The gong is a great spiritual significance to life of the Muong in general and Muong people in Ba Vi in particular. The sound of gong of Muong people here leaves the strong impression on visitors once heard it.

Hanoi Xam singing 3755 views

Hanoi Xam singing

Previously, Hanoian could enjoy xam singing in the trams or anywhere on the streets. Xam songs about life were so familiar to ordinary people. As life has changed, Hanoi xam singing used to fall into oblivion. However, it is now restored right in Hanoi.

Striking features of Red Dao ethnic wedding 4181 views

Striking features of Red Dao ethnic wedding

Each ethnic group has its own distinctive cultural identities contributing to diversifying of Vietnamese culture. Among them, it cannot fail to mention the striking features of Red Dao traditional wedding.

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