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Vietnam countryside tours allure tourists

Fri, 21 Nov 2014. Last updated Sat, 06 Dec 2014 11:58

Recently, Vietnam countryside tours have strongly developed attracting foreign tourists visiting the country. Attending in these tours, visitors will have a great opportunity to become Vietnamese farmers and fishermen, and experience homestay in Vietnam.


One day being Vietnamese farmers

Buffalo Riding in Hoi An


With countryside tours in Vietnam, visitors have a great opportunity to become Vietnamese farmers in one day and experience ordinary works of Vietnamese farmers such as riding buffalo, plowing and transplanting, and harvesting tea. Many foreign travelers express great interest and eagerness with these strange experiences. Participating the tours, travelers can learn more about the culture and daily life of Vietnamese citizens. Hoi An is no stranger to tourists, nonetheless, riding buffalo in Hoi An is a new form of tourism appeared approximately three years ago. In spite of being known as a new tourism potential, countryside tours has attracted a large number of international tourists. These Vietnam tours have not only implemented in Hoi An but also spread to other well-known tourist attractions in the country such as Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to buffalo riding, harvesting tea is also a new tourism product captivating travelers visit Vietnam.


One day being a Vietnamese fisherman

Homestay dinner in Sapa


One day being a Vietnamese fisherman is also a new tourism product which is quite famous in Quang Ninh and Hoi An now. In Hoi An, travelers will start their journeys in a big boat along Hoai River. Later on, they will be transferred to small boats of local fishermen and guided to catch fish in different ways. Meanwhile, with one day being a fisherman in Halong, travelers can visit Vong Vieng Floating Fishing Village by boats and catch fish and cast a net with local fishermen. After being guided to cast the net, tourists are required to wear life jackets to ensure their safety during the tour. Travelers shared that they were totally impressed by this tour because they had a very interesting day to experience daily activities of Vietnamese fishermen.



Tourists played a traditional game of Vietnam


Homestay is not an unfamiliar term in tourism anymore. This type of tourism is now strongly developed and supported by world-wide travelers due to its safety for environment. This is a kind of green tourism favored many international tourists who love exploring real culture of different countries in the world. Experiencing homestays in Vietnam, instead of staying in hotels as usual, visitors have an opportunity to reside in local houses, which are quite favorable for discovering Vietnamese culture in the most genuine way. During the tour, guests will be considered as a member of the family. They will participate in daily life of the family such as dining and talking to family's members. Guests are also required to respect family's rules and privacy. In Vietnam, homestay is a favorite choice of many visitors. An ideal destination to experience homestay in Vietnam is in Sapa, especially in Ta Van Village. 

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