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Sole survivor of plane crash returns Vietnam

Tue, 12 Aug 2014. Last updated Wed, 17 Sep 2014 17:43

"192 Hours" author - the sole survivor of a plane crash in O Kha Mountain, Nha Trang, will return Vietnam to meet people who supported her during the accident and interact with Vietnamese readers.

“Annette Herfkens - "192 Hours" author will come back to Vietnam to exchange and interact media agencies and Vietnamese readers”, said Tri Viet Book Company.

Apart from the role of the sole survivor from the doomed flight, Annette Herfkens will interact with readers with the spirit of a "The seed of the soul"'s Ambassador and a typical example of optimistic attitude and positive thinking. She also expresses her desire to meet representatives of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam to share her experiences and memories; simultaneously, dispel misunderstandings of the 22 year ago's event.


Annette Herfkens


Upon returning Vietnam, Annette Herfkens will have a meeting with Vietnamese readers in the press conference to launch her book and share her experiences at Continental Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City on 12/08. It is expected that the conference will consist of Consulate General of the Netherlands and people relating to her flight in 1992.

Besides, the Dutch woman will revisit O Kha Mountain, Nha Trang and relatives of flight rescuers on Mi-8 flight who was dead when approaching flight code VN-474. She will accompany with Mr.Nguyen Thanh Chung - a military official in Khanh Son District, who led the rescue search force and found YAK40 plane with flight code VN-474 of Vietnam Airlines. Here, the author will take part in the memorial of those who have not been lucky in her 22 year ago flight. Then, she will visit some families and their relatives of Mi-8 crew (including 7 persons) who was dead during the process of rescuing aircraft Yak-40. After that, she will return Ho Chi Minh City to interact with Vietnamese readers at Fahasa Bookstore Nguyen Hue from 18h - 20h30 on 15/08 and at Tri Viet Book Company at 09 a.m on 16/08.


Annette Herfkens - 192 Hours


"192 Hours" autobiography - flighting for the life from the doomed flight focused on describing Annette Herfkens' experience over 8 days to survive alone in O Kha - valley of death, where numerous plane crash occurred - until having rescued. Facing with the wilderness of the jungle, the starvation, her own multiple injuries, and the smell of dead bodies around, she still maintained a strong vitality by her direction to the positive attitude and optimistic thinking. "Anyone who reads the book actually admires Annette. Admittedly, Annette Herfkens is an incredibly tenacious and strong woman. While numerous aviation disasters regrettably occurs in the world, "192 Hours" is truly a great consolation", said An Dien translator - who translated the book into Vietnamese version.

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