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Celebrate 25th anniversary of Vietnam - EU relation

Mon, 02 Feb 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:00

In 2015, EU and Vietnam will hold the 25th anniversary of Vietnam - EU relation. A series of prominent and meaningful events will be organized throughout the year to mark an important milestone of the bilateral friendship between Vietnam and EU.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of establishing Vietnam - European diplomatic relation, there are many activities and events will be held during 2015 including events for young people, public forums with European scholars, film festivals, music festivals, workshops, seminars, and other activities. These activities will be held by EU Delegation in Vietnam and Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At a press conference, European Ambassador Franz Jessen and Chief Editor of Vietnam Student Newspaper Nguyen Huy Loc officially launched a writing contest on a subject "What impresses you most about the European union. Let's share your feeling and win a ticket to Brussels". The writing contest is held for Vietnamese young generations to express their knowledge, thoughts, and feelings about EU and the EU - Vietnam diplomatic relationship. According to the rules of the contest, a writing should not exceed 1,000 words. The contest will last to April 29th. The award ceremony will take place in May 2015 in Hanoi. A winner of the contest will be awarded a European return air ticket.


Ambassador Franz Jessen speaks at the press conference


Other typical activities in response to the 25th anniversary of Vietnam - EU relation are the introduction of "Your Europe" app for smart phones and tablets with interesting information about EU; European film and music festivals, and laser performance with typical images and symbols of EU. The laser performance will take place in the same day with a concert in European Day (May 9th, 2015). In addition, a specific website specializing in giving detailed information of the 25th anniversary of EU - Vietnam relation will be developed and put into use soon.

Speaking at the press conference, Ambassador Franz Jessen stated that Vietnam - European relation had been constantly growing during 25 years. Bilateral relation has significantly developed and become more and more extensive and comprehensive in all fields involving political dialogues and close economic cooperation. For over two decades, Vietnam has achieved many impressive economic achievements and positive social changes to become a middle income country and an important partner in ASEAN.


Logo of the 25th anniversary of Vietnam EU relation


EU is always a trusted companion of Vietnam along the way. Up to 2015, 20 out of 28 member countries of EU established diplomatic representative offices in Hanoi. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, EU reaffirmed its commitments to give support in Vietnam changing process in many aspects. EU also confirmed to support Vietnam in capitals, techniques, and intellectual resources. EU will continue supporting Vietnam in achieving economic goals in Socio-economic development Strategy. The significant increase in non-refundable aid from 300 to 400 million euros in a period of 2014 - 2020 in the current context of the tightening fiscal policy is a clear evidence for these commitments. Up to now, EU and its members have become the largest supplier of non-refundable aid for Vietnam and one of the biggest investors and trading partners of Vietnam.

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