+ Can not update my email


When you can not update your email, App will pop-up: Email is existing.
Means this email was registered and used with an account before. In this case, please remove this email from your old account in order to use it for your new account. Besides, you can contact AloTrip for support.
+ Do not get OTP message

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There are 2 cases:

- The connection between phone number provider and OTP service is interupted. Please wait for few minutes. Besides, you can choose: Send OTP via What'App - a messaging service of Facebook, then you can get OTP instantly.

- Your Vietnamese phone number prefix is changed to new format. In this case you can try with old format. For example: 0333293xxx is number with new prefix and can not get OTP, you can try old one: 01633293xxx
+ Why log in screen just shows: Loading

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Log in process need stable internet. Please check your wifi network. We suggest you use 3G/4G for better connection.
+ Can I have someone else log in and use the promo code?

Card point

You absolutely do not do this because your account is secured on your phone only. The system only allows you to redeem and use the Promo Code on the phone that you used to convert the points to the Promo Code.

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