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Can Tho weather

Thu, 24 Jul 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

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Can Tho weather is typified by features of the tropical monsoon climate, reflecting the influence of the Southwest circulation from the Indian Ocean. Can Tho climate has two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season.


As located in Mekong River Delta, thus, Can Tho weather belongs to Weather in Mekong River Delta. Temperature in Can Tho changes seasonally. There are two distinct seasons, but the temperature gap between months is not large (about 2.5 degrees Celsius). The average annual temperature is 26.6 degrees Celsius; the lowest temperature is 19.7 degrees Celsius, while the highest one is 34.4 degrees Celsius. The total number of sunny hours is 2,300 hours per year. Thermal amplitude between day and night is quite large, about 7.4 degrees Celsius. Average humidity per month is 86.6%, the difference of humidity between months is not large. From June to October, weather in Can Tho undergoes a high humidity period, while February and March are driest months in a year (about 2mm). Annual average rainfall is 1,946 mm  with 189 rainy days per year. Rainfall is different by region but not markedly. Overall, rainy season in Can Tho lasts from May to November (92-97% of the annual rainfall); dry season from December to April with the total rainfall of about 100 mm (3-8% of the annual rainfall). It rains mostly in September, October (about 270 mm).


Can Tho weather by month


Can Tho City


In dry season, Can Tho climate is portrayed by low humidity and rainfall; the temperature ranges from 23-30 degrees Celsius. In December, the temperature stays between 23 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius which is still on the cold side. In January, it is hot in daytime and cool at nighttime. In January, the temperature ranges between 22 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. The weather starts to get better from late December. The genial warm weather entices people who never undergo hot weather. Even people who live in hot places love this comfortable weather of Can Tho. In the month of February the temperature fluctuates from 23 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. Although the weather is slightly hotter, it does not make people feel uncomfortable. The weather remains the constant in March and April. During the daytime, temperature remains between 24 and 31 degrees Celsius.

In rainy season, Can Tho weather witnesses a change in rainfall level starting from May. In May, the temperature varies from 24-31 degrees Celsius, high humidity and rainfall level (171mm). The temperature remains in June, but there are more rains (16 days in this month with precipitation of 192mm). In July, the temperature ranges from 25-31 degrees Celsius. The humidity is extremely high. The rainfall level is about 218mm. However, climate in Can Tho remains comfortable. August is the end of summer. In this month, temperature varies from 24-30 degrees Celsius, the precipitation of 201mm, and high humidity. From September to November, Can Tho undergoes heavy rains and several thunderstorms.


Best time to travel Can Tho


Pothi Somron Pagoda in O Mon, Can Tho


Early rainy season is considered the best time to visit Can Tho (mostly in April, May and June). This period is typified by a comfortable climate with light rain and warm weather. Thus, you will have an ideal time to explore river areas and fruit gardens in Can Tho. In addition, during this time, there are many interesting festivals in Can Tho such as Cholchonam Thomay Festival and Opening Crop Festival. Visiting Can Tho in this season, you will be lured into the exciting and bustling atmosphere in famous floating markets in Can Tho. Another best time to travel Can Tho is from January to March. During this time, the weather in Can Tho is portrayed by hot humid days, and cool nights. For those who adore the tropical climate, Can Tho in this season can satisfies you with different beautiful and famous places and local delicious food.

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